Meet the Teacher Slideshow

Meet the Teacher Slideshow

One of the most important things to do in your classroom at the beginning of the  year is to build relationships with your students. It is important that you connect with them and tell them a little about yourself. Students love to hear about their teachers on a personal level. Let them know what your life is like outside of teaching.

A great way to do that is to use a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation. The presentation does not have to be long but should hit on some highlights that students are interested in learning about you. Here are some ideas to talk about:
  • Your Family
  • Hobbies and Recreation
  • Sports You Play or Watch
  • Special Talents
  • Favorite Things: Food, Music, Books, etc.

Also, don't forget to talk about your teaching life. This information lets them know more about you as an educator:

  • Your Education and Teaching Experience
  • Your Favorite Subject to Teach
  • Your Favorite Part about Being a Teacher
  • What It Was Like When You Were in School

If you don't want to create a presentation from scratch, I have some templates available. These slideshows come in both PowerPoint and Google Slides format. They can be used during Open House, Meet the Teacher or on the 1st Day of School. 

They are super simple to use. You just choose the slides you want to use and delete the rest. Then personalize the text and add photos if you want. There are even extra slides at the end that can be completely customized. Click on one of the pictures below for more information.

Meet the Teacher Template Back to School

These type of slide shows and presentations can also be used to introduce yourself to parents and students during Meet the Teacher Nights that some schools have before school begins. These nights typically happen the day before the first day of school. This allows students to come to school, check out their classroom and meet their new teacher before classes begin. Check out this blog post for more information on holding a Meet the Teacher Night. 

I hope your first days of school are a great success and I know that sharing a little something about your life outside of school will help your year start off on a good note.

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