5 Teacher Tips for Back to School

Back to School Teacher Tips

Back to school season is here!  This year has been a difficult one for many schools due to our worldwide pandemic, but teachers and educators around the world have worked hard to start back with students both virtually and face to face.  Although things will be slightly different, I still believe that there are five important things to consider when heading back to school.

The blog posts listed below describe what I think to be the most important things to devote attention to as we head back to school each year. Here are the links to those posts if you want to see them:

One additional piece of advice or tip I have to share is on management and organization and is to keep yourself organized with a Teacher Calendar/Organizer/Planner.  It is so important to keep up to date on lesson plans, due dates, deadlines, events, and your "To Do" list.  There are many varieties out there for you to choose from. You can purchase bound versions from teacher stores, bookstores or Amazon.  Erin Condren has some beautiful spiral bound teacher planners. Teachers Pay Teachers has a variety of versions you can download and put in a binder.  Find one that works for you and be sure to use it every day to keep yourself organized.

Would you like a FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR to use this year? It will help you to keep organized and on track for a successful year.  For a FREE copy, just click this link to download this Editable Calendar to print and use. 

Teacher School Year Calendar

This calendar is part of my Editable Teacher Planner Binder-School Kids theme. The complete binder product will help you get organized this year.  It includes organizational printables to help you keep all of your forms and information at your fingertips in a binder.  Or some teachers like to make several binders to meet their needs: Student Information, Lesson Plans, Student Data, etc.  This packet makes organizing all this paperwork a breeze.  Click the pictures below to find out more about the organizing Teacher Planner Binders

Editable Teacher Planner Binder - Safari Jungle Theme         Editable Teacher Planner Binder - School Kids Theme  


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  1. What a cute blog! I am with ya! You HAVE to have a teacher planner! I can't survive without mine. :)

    Mrs. Thomas' Teachable Moments

  2. I love your blog!! :) Came here because our blog said traffic was coming from your blog. I forgot about the hop/loop. Haha. Anyhow, great tips. Take care! Karen of Inside & Out with Karen and Kelie :)