Online Awards Ceremony with Digital Awards

Teachers have adapted quickly to the reality of distance learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. But the end of school brings on a whole host of new issues.  Not only are students winding down the school year, but they are used to a whole bunch of fun end of year celebrations and activities. Due to school closures and online learning, teachers are trying to modify and adapt these kinds of activities to the virtual environment.

One such activity is the End of Year Awards Ceremony.  Students and parents look forward to this tradition where various awards and certificates are given to students to show accomplishments, improvements or achievements earned throughout the year.  This year, you can host a Virtual Awards Assembly via Zoom.  If you do not use Zoom, you can use whatever video communication platform you have been using to meet with your students for distance learning.

It will be important to create excitement and anticipation for the event by sending students and their parents a virtual invitation.  Create the invitation in PowerPoint or Google Slides, save your slide as a jpg,  and email it to your families.  You could also post it to your Google Classroom or Class Dojo.  Be sure to include your date, time and online meeting links. We want to make sure students and their parents can log in to your meeting at the correct time.

Digital Awards can be made in Google Slides or PowerPoint.  This makes it easy to share on your screen during your Zoom meeting. You can announce each award and the recipient.

After the assembly, you can send the individual awards to each student via email or other messaging system. This can easily be done if your awards were created in PowerPoint or Google Slides by saving each slide as a jpg.  For a FREE Digital Awards Certificate you can use and instructions for use, click the picture below.  This free sample comes with a Certificate of Appreciation has a boy version and a girl version in both color and black and white.

If you would like a variety of awards to use with your students, these Award Certificates for End of Year have 40 different awards for elementary students.  Each award comes in a girl and a boy version as well as a black and white version.   This product comes in both a printable PowerPoint and online Google Slides.

To use this product with your Virtual Awards Assembly:

  • Make a copy of the document and rename it: Ex: Awards for 3rd Grade-June 1, 2020.
  • Choose the awards you want to give your students. 
  • Type in their names, date of ceremony and your name (signature).  
  • Change the fonts of the names, dates and signature if you would like.
  • Delete all the unused slides so you only have the awards you have personalized.
  • Download the slides as jpgs (to individually email after the ceremony).
  • If you prefer, you can print the slides and mail to your students.
  • Share your screen that shows the Google Slide Awards during your Virtual Awards Ceremony.

Hope you have a great end of year. Until Next Time..... 

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