10 Simple Teacher Appreciation Gifts

National Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up in May.  But, anytime is a great time to show educators you appreciate what they are doing each and every day. What have you done to appreciate the teachers in your life?  If you are an administrator, PTA/PTO officer, parent or fellow teacher, here are 10 simple ideas to show those special teachers how much you appreciate the hard work they do each day. 

These 10 chalkboard tags can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags.  These tags can be used with a variety of small gift items that you can pick up at your neighborhood Walmart, Target or grocery store.  

1.   It is so REFRESHING to have you as a TEACHER! 
Soft Drinks, Water, Sparking Water, Juice

2.   Thank You to a TEA-riffic Teacher!
Bottle of Tea, Bottle of Water and Crystal Light Package of Tea, Mug or Teacup with a few Teabags, a Box of Fancy Tea Bags, a Package of Loose Tea and a Tea Ball

3.   You are all that and a bag of CHIPS!
Small or Large Bags of Chips

4.   Thanks for Being such a SWEET Teacher!
Cookies, Cupcakes, Candy Bars, Jars or Container of Candy 

5.   Thank You for the EXTRAordinary Things you do!
Extra Gum

6.   Thank You for Helping our Students BLOOM!
Flowers, Flowering Plants

7.   Let us give you a HAND. You're one of the Best!
Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Lotion

8.   Thanks! You're the Balm
Any type of Lip Balm

9.   An Apple for the TEACHER
Red EOS Lip Balm

10.   Thank You for all that you do! You're the Best!
Any Gift Card

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