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At this time of the year, our hope is that our students are able to read and use the sight words we taught in the fall. That is not always the case.  Some of the kiddoes are still struggling to recognize the simplest of words.  Some of these students just need extra practice in the sight words.  So, how can we give them the extra practice that they need?

Sight Word Homework:  Each week, send home 5 sight word flash cards in that student's homework folder.  Enlist the help of the student's parent (grandparent, sibling, aunt, etc.) to flash those word cards each night.  At the end of the week, give the student a quick quiz.  If they get them all, they get a prize out of the treasure chest.  The next week, add 5 more.  If they didn't learn the five, let them try again that week.

Word Wall Chants: Kick up your daily Word Wall Chant by using a Spotlight:  Turn off all the lights in the room.   Using a flashlight, shine the beam on a word for the class to read. Kids love this little variation of the word wall chant.

Reading A-Z Books: is a great sight with thousands of printable books.  They have a complete set of Sight Word Books you can print and use with students.  I like to let the kids keep them after we use them in class so they can build a library of them at home.  They offer a free trial to see if you like the website.

Sight Word Games:  Folder games are fun ways for students to practice sight words in stations or center.  I made these Valentine games for our 1st graders who still have not mastered their sight words. They include the first 100 sight words from the Fry List. The kids absolutely love playing them.  I like the fact that it gives them practice over the sight words they should have learned since the beginning of school.

It’s important to know which words your students still don't know so that you can determine the specific word cards to use.  Group students according to their needs. The kids use game markers that I have borrowed from old board games.  Small erasers, chips or tokens will also work.  They take turns reading the sight word, rolling the dice or spinning the spinner and moving their token around the game board.

There are two versions of the game. One with many bright colors and one with fewer colors to save ink.  Both games print well in black/white or color.

Colorful Version
This folder game opens up to a game board that spans the length of the two sides of the folder. Directions are on the back of the folder.

This folder game has the game board on one side and the directions on the other.

These game boards can be used in stations/centers.  You may want to pack them up in a large Zip Top bag and send them home with students for extra practice over the weekends.  These games provide fun hands-on learning for the kids.
If you are interested in downloading these two Valentine Sight Word Games, click the picture below. This packet also includes a digital Google Slides version that can be used with remote students for Distance Learning:
Google Slides Sight Word Practice


I hope these few ideas will help you with your students who still need practice on their sight words.

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