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Welcome to the Trick or Treat Blog Hop. It is really exciting to be participating in this fun event this week.  A big thank you to Rachael at Classroom Game Nook for coordinating this spooky event.  As you hop to each of our blogs, you will gather many goodies.  Each of us has a TRICK of the Trade to offer.  What would Trick or Treating be without a TREAT?   We all have two for you: Keep reading this post to learn how to get a great FREEBIE and enter the GIVEAWAY. But you better hurry.  All offers end on October 31st - Halloween!

Are you looking for a great motivation system to use in your classroom?  Some form of classroom currency or cash to spend at a class store and auction is a great Trick of the Trade.  As a motivation/reward system for students, a class store and auction can be both an incentive and also allow them to take part in a real-world economic activity.  Reward systems such as this can have positive effects when used on a regular basis with students throughout the year.  Each day students earn cash for everything from good behavior to scores on work and assessments. At the end of each week, students can spend their Class Cash at the Class Store or they can save up for the end of the grading period when they will participate in an auction by bidding on a variety of items.

How to Start:
Start by collecting items to use in the store and the auction.  The store can be filled with small things that students would like: pencils, erasers, notepads, chips, juice boxes, granola bars, small trinkets from the dollar store and reward coupons (No Homework, Extra Computer Time, Sit with a Friend, etc.) Click this link to see the Rock Star Owl Reward Coupons I have in my TPT store.  At grade level meetings or open house, ask parents to donate things that kids would like. The Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores carry many items that students would want and you can buy them for very little money.   My husband and I love to visit garage sales on Saturdays and you would be amazed at what you can find that kids will love. Things I have used in the past have been books, posters, comics, baseball cards, Hot Wheels, Happy Meal Toys, marker sets, etc.  You can also try asking for free coupons from fast food and local restaurants, and promotional items like water bottles and key chains from businesses.

Introduction Lesson:
Introduce the reward system with a lesson on economics which includes earning, saving and spending money.  Explain the structure and criteria of earning the Classroom Cash and how it can be spent. Cash can be old Monopoly game money from garage sale finds, printed cash like I used below, or any other type of money you create.  Be sure to cover guidelines for organizing and storing their money.  Some teachers like to create a bank where students can deposit their money until it is needed.  Students would then need to keep accounting of how much they have stored in the bank.


Classroom Store:
Cash can be spent weekly at the classroom store.  The last 15-20 minutes of the day on Friday, you can open the store for students to buy items.  It is easy to store the items in baskets and set the baskets out on a table to let students choose.  Be sure to give prices so they know how much the items cost.

Live Auction:
At the end of the grading period you can hold an auction. Explain the auction process to students.  Let them know about auction items a day or two before the actual auction.  Some teachers leave items out on a shelf throughout the six weeks to remind students what they are bidding on.  This allows students to save up money if there is an item they really want.  Bidding for each item will start at $1.  The bidding continues with increments of $1 to $5.  The item is won when the bidding has stopped.  After the auction is over, ask students what they learned about auctions from the experience and what they might do differently for the next auction. Students are able to learn valuable lessons about supply and demand and saving versus spending.

Silent Auction:
Each item has it's own bid sheet and students are able to bid and outbid each other to get the items they most desire.  The items can be set out throughout the day for students to place bids when they are finished with work or during lunch and recess. The auction should have an exact ending time where you pick up all the bid sheets and collect cash from the winners.


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